Reduce Your Chances of Death by 40%

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In this issue:

  • Brain Buddha: Are You Overworked & Burned Out?
  • Money Buddha: If You Wan to Understand Crypto, You Must Understand This…
  • Body Buddha: Reduce Your Chances of Death by 40%
  • Relationship Buddha: How to Handle Relationship Deal Breakers with Your Partner
  • Brain Buddha’s Visual of the Week


Are You Overworked & Burned Out?

The era we live in with all our devices and being “connected” 24/7, means we’re more easily burned out from work.

Here’s six red flags to tell if you’re burned out and overworked:

  1. You realize you’ve stopped looking after yourself (e.g. taking breaks, etc)
  2. You’re not sleeping well
  3. You’re not eating properly (missing meals, eating bad food)
  4. You’re not getting enough exercise to counter stress
  5. You’ve begun turning to drugs & alcohol to counter stress
  6. You’re neglecting important relationships with your family and friends


If You Wan to Understand Crypto, You Must Understand This…

Crypto and Bitcoin have dominated the financial headlines over the last few years.

While Crypto is gaining a lot of attention, it’s still not where it needs to be to be considered a worthwhile asset class vs being more of a speculative gamble.

If you’re interested in Bitcoin and Crypto, then the first step is to educate yourself on the underlying structure of what these are based upon, that’s Blockchain.

*See Disclaimer

BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

Reduce Your Chances of Death by 40%

Sitting all day or a sedentary lifestyle is the common killer for humans.

By including a habit of walking or some other kind of body movement into your day, you can reduce the chances of dying by 40%!

A study in Japan found that incorporating 7,500 steps per day, reduced the risk of death by 40%.

So, get walking. It’s easy to just start taking those first few steps.


If you sit around all day like me, you probably feel tightness in your hip flexors. This can help you open up your hips.


How to Handle Relationship Deal Breakers with Your Partner

It still boggles my mind how no one teaches us how to handle relationships when you’re growing up.

Most of us learn by trial and error (or in some cases, what we see on TV!).

If you want a healthy relationship, you need to know what your relationship deal breakers are and how to discuss them with your partner.

Here’s how.


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