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For the Mind

For the Body

How to Look More Attractive The Natural Way
In my book, How To Be More Confident, I provide some tactics on how to make yourself more attractive without[...]
For Severe Acne Problems Only
I had pretty severe acne problems when I was teen. No matter what cleaning regimen I did, it just wouldn't[...]
7 tips to control acne (pimples)
Continuing in our discussions about how appearances affect our self-esteem, this article focuses on controlling pimples which is a huge[...]

For the Kids

Helping Teens with Social Anxiety
As a shy and introverted kid growing up, I had a lot of social anxiety. Now, if you have a[...]
Are You an Ugly Duckling?
Let's face it, kids may be cruel. Growing up you always have the "cool" kids group, "average" kids group and[...]
Bullying Questions Answered
Here's a video of "Queen Bees and Wannabees" author, Rosalind Wiseman answering some questions about bullying: Beating Bullying