Everything Costs More, What Do You Do?

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In this issue:

  • Brain Buddha: What We Can Learn from an Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Money Buddha: Everything Costs More, What Do You Do?
  • Body Buddha: How Does Exercise Change Your Brain?
  • Relationship Buddha: Parents: Don’t Turn Your Kids Into Psychopaths By Doing Too Much of This…
  • Brain Buddha’s Visual of the Week


What We Can Learn from an Olympic Gold Medalist

American figure skating gold medalist, Nathan Chen, achieved what he set out to do: win a gold medal in Beijing.

Part of that had to do with what he didn’t do.


Everything Costs More, What Do You Do?

Inflation is at its highest in over three decades. Everything costs more, from groceries to furniture.

The only thing not going up as quickly? Probably your salary.

You can only scrimp and save so much to keep up.

The solution is to earn more income. Easier said than done, I know.

But we live in an era where it’s so much easier for you to earn more income.

Here’s how you can start a side hustle to battle inflation.

*See Disclaimer

BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

How Does Exercise Change Your Brain?

You know exercise is good for your body, but how is it good for your brain?

Here’s what exercise does to your brain.

If you sit around all day like me, you probably feel tightness in your hip flexors. This can help you open up your hips.


Parents: Don’t Turn Your Kids Into Psychopaths By Doing Too Much of This…

If you’re a parent, you know your little munchkins never came with an instruction manual (why they don’t, I have no idea).

As a parent, I’m always trying to ensure I don’t screw up my kid as much as possible – I know we all have some kind of parent issues.

Well, it seems parents need to avoid doing too much of this, otherwise it could lead to turning your kid onto the path of psychopathy (yikes!).


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