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This site started out about mental and self-esteem, but over the years my focus has evolved into something more than that for the site.

If you’ve suffered or presently suffer from mental health issues low self-esteem or maybe a loved one is suffering from mental health issues low self-esteem, you’ll know that it takes a big toll on your life as well as those around you.

It can become a vicious cycle that you feel like you just can’t break.

I’ve been through it before and many others before have as well.

This site is dedicated to providing people around the world information, tips and guidance in overcoming mental health issues (not just low self-esteem).

From my first-hand experience, overcoming mental health issues low self-esteem is possible (in fact very possible).

I try to offer my own insights and experiences in the hopes that it helps you too. If you have also overcome mental health issues low self-esteem, please feel free to share your stories, tips and wisdom with our readers.

Over the years, my mission for this site has changed and evolved into its current incarnation, my mission to help as many people as possible answer the question:

“How can I live my best possible life?”

Also, once I became a father, I wanted to leave something behind to pass on to my child to help them navigate through life (especially if I wasn’t here).

So, the common thread throughout this site is sharing what I discover and learn that answers that question. I know it’s an infinite journey and I hope you join me on this journey.

In trying to answer this question for myself, I discovered that life is really made up of what I call “The Four Pillars”:

  1. A healthy mind
  2. A healthy body
  3. Healthy relationships
  4. Healthy finances

That’s my mission for The Brain Buddha, to share how to constantly improve the four pillars of life with as many people as possible.

At the end of the day, I hope that this site can help you or your loved ones live the best life you can.

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The Brain Buddha

Want a more detailed story of The Brain Buddha’s mission? Checkout The Brain Buddha Manifesto.

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