How to overcome your fear of failure

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How to overcome your fear of failure

Fear of failure runs close to me because I’ve seen loved ones self-sabotage themselves because of their fear of failure (and fear of success).

If you feel paralysed at times because you fear failing, then do this to overcome your fear of failure.


The Warren Buffett of Japan’s no. 1 secret to wealth & happiness

Here at the Money Buddha, we’re big fans of Warren Buffett, so when the Japanese Warren Buffett, the late Wahei Takeda, speaks, we listen.

This is what he shares on wealth & happiness.

*See Disclaimer

BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

Create the best sleep environment

Sleep is one of those things we like to drone on about because:

  1. It’s so critical to your long-term health (body & mind)
  2. Too many people lack either enough sleep, quality sleep or both

If this describes you, then here’s how you can create the best sleep environment for you.

Need some help with sleeping? Try this.


Avoid these phrases to avoid acting passive aggressive

Passive aggressiveness isn’t healthy in any relationship (family, friends, romance), so if you find yourself saying these phrases, you’re acting passive aggressive.


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