How to Change Habits for the Better

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How to change habits for the better

Atomic Habits is currently the top selling book on Amazon. It shows how much developing good habits (and getting rid of bad habits) form the basis of a good life.

Even if you don’t read Atomic Habits, here’s a few ways to help you change habits for the better.


Don’t Be Afraid of the Bear

If you’re invested in the stock market right now, you might be feeling nauseous at seeing all the red in your portfolio.

If you’ve invested in quality stocks/companies (The Money Buddha loves good-old boring dividend-paying stocks), then doing nothing or even adding a bit of these value stocks to your portfolio might be the prudent thing to do.

While I can’t give personal financial advice, this isn’t the first bear-market the Money Buddha has seen.

The Money Buddha’s Action: we’re riding this out and even adding to some positions of value.

*See Disclaimer

BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

How much sleep do you really need?

While the amount of sleep you need depends on your age, the Body Buddha values how much sleep contributes to a healthy life & body.

And it looks like some scientists have found how much sleep you need as you age.

Need some help with sleeping? Try this.


How to be a better listener

Want to be a better friend, partner or parent?

Be a better listener, here’s how.


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