Don’t Lose Your Shirt in the Next Gamestop Squeeze

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5 Ways to Cure Burnout

I burned out a few years ago.

I’m STILL recovering from that burnout.

(Although, I enjoy writing the Brain Buddha newsletter. ????)

On of my favourite authors, Susan Cain, shares five ways to help with burnout (from her latest newsletter):

  1. Review how many hours you’re working AND whether your current job is right for you
  2. Let your manager know how you’re feeling
  3. Get regular sleep
  4. Do enough intense exercise to release the buildup of stress
  5. Be mindful of all the wonderful little things around you. Take a walk, observe and appreciate the birds, the trees, the air you’re breathing.


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Don’t Lose Your Shirt in the Next Gamestop Squeeze

Last night, I watched the Netflix documentary about the runup on Gamestop stock.

It made me sad to think there were people who jumped in and most likely lost a lot of money.

If only they followed a proven & disciplined investing strategy, they might have protected themselves from themselves.

A strategy we follow is to ensure:

  • We don’t invest any more than 4%-5% of your investable assets into ANY one stock, this way you limit the loss in your portfolio as a whole

*See Disclaimer


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BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

Sitting too much? Do this…

I know I sit around way too much.

Even with a standing desk riser, I’m sitting way too much.

If you’re finding that you’re sitting too much too, do this.


Protect Your Relationship By Protecting Your Energy, Here’s How

When I first met my wife, she always had a pretty packed social calendar.

When one day, I said: 

“You know you can just say no (to a social event.”

She told me afterwards, she had never thought of that. Turning something down. She was used to saying “yes” to everything.

So, follow these tips to set boundaries in your relationships so you can protect your own sanity and energy.


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