How to be Calmer

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How to be Calmer

I’m a pretty calm person, but I’ve also known people to have pretty short fuses and just seem to have no control over their emotions.

Here’s 8 habits to help you become calmer.


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How Each Generation Spends Their Money

Each generation has their advantages and disadvantages.

This is an interesting look at how each generation spends their money (while this focuses on the U.S., it’s still interesting to see).

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BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

Boost Your Mood with These Foods

I’ve learned how diet plays a massive role in our overall health (not just physical, but mental as well).

If you want to boost your mood, try these seven foods.


Don’t Let Them Have This…

When I take my child to school, I often see many of the other kids huddling around a phone.

I can overhear them talking about who posted what, what was posted or if they watched some kind of video.

Social media is already a bit hit to adult’s mental health, but imagine a developing child?

It’s why these two celebrities have made this rule with their own children.


Photo by Jean-Karim Dangou on Unsplash

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