What Millionaires Do To Create Multiple-Streams of Income

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In this issue:

  • Brain Buddha: How to Quiet the Chatter In Your Mind
  • Money Buddha: What Millionaires Do To Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • Body Buddha: Build Muscle & Strength Fast
  • Relationship Buddha: How to Be a Better Friend
  • Brain Buddha’s Visual of the Week


How to Quiet the Chatter In Your Mind

Whether you’re berating yourself with negative self-talk or you’re trying to solve a problem that’s frustrating you, you might be fighting off multiple voices in your head creating a chaos of voices.

Experimental psychologist, Ethan Koss, sees our inner voices as a strength if you can control those voices (keep in mind, he’s not referring to “voices” due to mental illness – but our inner voices).

One of the key strategies Koss shares is to use “distanced self-talk”. That is talking to yourself as if you’re another person.

Read the interview with Ethan Koss via Recommendo.

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What Millionaires Do To Create Multiple Streams of Income

A big part of my money philosophy & strategy is incorporating multiple sources of income (i.e. not solely relying on a job salary for income).

This was a lesson I learned the hard way back in 2003 when SARS first hit and I was told my salary would be cut by 50% indefinitely (at that time, we had no idea when SARS would be over).

That was a like being thrust into a tub of ice and gave me a biting wake up call to ensure I would never be in that situation again.

If you weren’t born into money or a wealthy family (I definitely didn’t), you most likely believe wealthy people inherited their wealth.

But, you would be shocked that in this study, 76% of millionaires were self-made.

Some other interesting tidbits:

  • 31% described their background as poor
  • 45% described their background as middle-class
  • 65% of self-made millionaires had 3 streams of income
  • 45% had 4 streams of income
  • 29% had 5 streams of income

One of the Money Buddha’s mantra’s is:

“Where you are now, is not where you’ll always be six months or a year from now.”

[Read on for how these millionaires created multiple streams of income]

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BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

Build Muscle & Strength Fast

Building strength no matter what age you are is a key element to a healthy body. But, building strength (and thus muscle) is a very personal choice in how it’s done.

I’m very conscious of safety and preventing injuries when it comes to strength-building. Not all workouts or trainers for that matter are designed to be injury-free.

The other problem with trying to perform workouts?


The most common excuse (I know I use it!) is lack of time. So, figuring out how to get exercise & workouts in without spending a lot of time always sparks my curiosity.

In this post, Dhimant Indrayan, shares how he uses supersets to build muscle in less time.


How to Be a Better Friend

I often wonder if I’m a good enough friend.

As an introvert, my close circle of friends is very small, so I often wonder if I’m showing my gratitude & treating my friends good enough.

Via the Brain Pint, this post by Good People, shares ten ways to be a good friend, here’s some of my highlights:

  • Surprise them with a treat. Food & drink easily bring people together and is an easy way to bring joy to your friend’s day.
  • Let them know you’re thinking of them. As we get older, we get busier with our own lives & families. Popping a message to your friend to let them know you’re thinking of them is a simple & easy way to let them know they’re still in your thoughts.
  • Show genuine interest & dig deeper into something they’re excited about. Is your friend working on something they’re excited about? Dig deeper and ask more questions about it, show genuine interest .


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