What is teen self esteem?

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It can be the toughest period of your life and it can be the most exciting period of your life.

Does this sound like you: Awkward looking, big glasses, braces, uncontrollable acne, skinny and pathologically shy?

Not a good combination.

The fact is, many teens fall into that category. You may feel sad and unsatisfied with your life because at that time of your life the only things that matter are getting good grades in school, how you look and how popular you are.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • There are people who judge you by the way you look (that’s a fact). You don’t want to be nor should you care about being friends with these people.There are lots of people who accept you as you are and these are the best kind of friends you could ever make.
  • Being accepted by the “popular” group doesn’t mean anything in the real world (that’s once you’ve finished high school).In University and real-life, being “popular” is a childish concept and no one cares how popular you were in school.
  • Doing well in school is important, however, it does not define you.I’ve seen many fellow students who never really did well in school but they focused and worked hard in University (if they were lucky enough to get in) and they did incredibly well.Also, your grades don’t necessarily determine how well you do in life. I’ve seen many straight A student’s remain just that permanent students who can’t perform well outside of an academic setting.

    Then there are the students who never did that great or just got by but they have tangible skills that ensure success in the real world.

  • Self-Esteem is exactly that. How you perceive yourself. Not how others perceive you. It may affect how you perceive yourself, however it does not mean they are right.
  • Never leave things to destiny or to luck. I used to wait and wait and think that I was just unlucky.I wasted my time. If you want good luck to happen to you, you need to take action. You want to meet more people, you need to go out and talk to someone.Get out of your comfort zone.

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