Introverts rise to the top

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Are you shy? An introvert? Do you feel like an invisible person in social situations?

Does it feel like the general non-introverted population think that if you’re shy and introverted, you won’t amount to anything or you’ll be relegated to working in some corner office or cubicle completely un-noticed and overlooked?

Welcome to the club.

But, boy, do I have some uplifting news for you!

A recent article in USA Today (read the full article here as reported by Yahoo) talks about how it’s a misconception that extroverted CEO’s are more capable than CEO’s that are introverted.

I think this article brings to light something introverts like us around the world knew all along: we aren’t useless or unskilled or unworthy of making it to the top – we’re just less flashy about it.

So, for all you introverts out there, be proud of it and keep this in mind, the article mentions some of the positive aspects of being introverted:

  • Being introverted may be considered a trait of wisdom
  • Extroverted CEO’s did not have any increased benefit or impact on a company compared to an introverted CEO

Not only that, but just look at the company introverts keep:

  • Bill Gates
  • Warren Buffett
  • Charles Schwab
  • Steven Spielberg

That’s a nice club to belong to.

So, don’t feel bad about yourself if you’re shy and introverted – just accept it. That’s who you are. That’s who we all are.

And obviously, it’s NOT such a hindrance to being successful at all.

So, go and sit in a corner by yourself and read a book and enjoy yourself knowing that you’re life isn’t destined to be a dead-end just because you’re an introvert.

Go and be anti-social without feeling guilty.

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