6 Steps to Cure This Poisonous Emotion

I remember the amount of rage I felt experiencing my emotional trauma in 2015.

It was a "Hulk-like" rage.

Someone had purposelly and knowing full-well what his actions would do (destroy people's lives) still proceeded to act that way.

Injustice, hurt and trauma was felt for years while I tried to heal myself.

But somehow, with all the meditation and mindfullness I was doing - it helped me focus on the right things and realise the anger I felt was a poison inside my mind and heart that was hurting me (not the person that hurt me).

So, why continue to hurt myself that way by letting the anger control me?

I realised the best form of "revenge" was to lead my best life. Succeed in my life despite the trauma that was caused.

It's easier said than done (I know!) but here's six ways you can help calm your anger.

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