I logged into my online bank account, what I saw shocked me…

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…I was logging in to do some basic account maintenance when I noticed something odd that stuck out about one of my accounts…

it had MORE money in there than there was the day before.


I wasn’t expecting any deposits or payments, what could it be?

So, I clicked on the account to see what was the source of the money…

…I had not one, but THREE payments from Amazon.

This is my mandatory token screenshot of my bank account for proof =)

Apparently, I had forgotten I had published a Kindle book a while back and just kind of left it and these were book sales & royalties due to me from that one book!

Now, I know the skeptics out there are thinking, that’s not a lot – I know I’m not going to retire on this amount but this is what I’m getting from hitting publish and completely forgetting about it!

My brain juices started flowing about the possibilities, and I realize this is only good for people who can see the bigger picture…for the skeptics (there are always skeptics & non-visionaries), you can click away now.

I’ll never complain about receiving money out of the blue but it reminded of something, if just this one book on Kindle could produce some income (without me doing ANY kind of promotion), what results could I see if I actually published more books and did a little bit of promotion for these books?

Well, the universe must have been listening because then I get an email newsletter from Starter Story about one of my favourite authors and how he generates $10,000 per month in income just from publishing books on Amazon Kindle. (I used to balk at the potential of generating that much income from Amazon Kindle, but now there’s a real life example).

The biggest obstacle I hear about this is how much time it takes to write a GOOD book, well, what if you could pump out a good book in just 24 hours?

Sound good? Maybe a little bit curious?

Well, here’s how you can get your OWN book completed in just 24 hours and start earning extra income from one of the biggest marketplaces on the planet. (Whether you decide to try it out or not, I know I’m definitely pursuing this further, would love to hear how you do).

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