Feel Happier Fast, Try This

In Cal Newport's recent email, he shared a study performed by some well-known economists, published in American Economic Review, which looked at the effects on people by deactivating Facebook.

Here's some of the big finds from the study that Cal shares:

  • By deactivating Facebook, people in the study freed up 60 minutes per day on average. Think about, that in one week, you would have regained 7 hours of your life...of which many in the study used that time to spend with family, friends and other offline activities.
  • There were small but significant improvements in overall well-being (such as life satisfaction, happiness, depression and anxiety).

As for myself, I've been slowly decreasing my usage of Facebook (and social media in general). I haven't cut it out completely as I use it for work and business, but when it comes to mindlessly scrolling feeds, I've decreased that usage quite significantly over the past eight months.

My wife has gone further and deleted the app from her smartphone and only access it via a laptop/web.

This might be one of the quickest ways to feel happier.

I hope you give it a try.

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