How to Look More Attractive The Natural Way

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In my book, How To Be More Confident, I provide some tactics on how to make yourself more attractive without the use of unnecessary plastic surgery and making do with what you already have.

That simple tactic is…

…eating a better diet.

How to Look More Attractive The Natural WayAnd now a recent article from the Mail reported on a recent study by St Andrews University proving that this tactic works.

The candidates in the study had their photo taken before the study began and after the study ended. The study found that people who increased their intake of fruits and vegetables were rated more attractive after just six weeks increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables!

Now, what exactly does more attractive mean?

The intake in fruits and vegetables gave them a natural healthy glow in their faces. I won’t go into the science here, they go into more details in the article here.

However, this study reinforces the need for a healthier diet and one of the benefits is that it actually makes you look more attractive!

I’ll take that any day.

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