Every College He Applied to Rejected Him, Now He’s Going to Harvard Law

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This story lifted me up today.

I love seeing the underdog win.

The story of Rehan Staton enforces many of the values and the mission I have & support:

  • People learn in different ways. The traditional education system tries to fit us all into a one-size-fits all teaching system that doesn’t always work with every individual.

    The fact that a teacher thought he needed “special education” instead he just needed a tutor who could teach him in a way that resonated with him.

  • I’m a huge supporter of UBI (Universal Basic Income), in Rehan’s case, having a foundational income to provide food could have helped with a healthy body. I believe a healthy mind also needs a healthy body.
  • The power of having positive mindset – the fact he had an older brother who believed in him and told him to go after his dreams despite everyone else telling him “It’s too late…” or “Don’t bother.”
  • Perserverance and the power of believing in yourself. Rehan reminds me of myself as well. When no one else believed in me, I was the only one who believed in myself. (I wish I had an older brother or sibling who believed in me when I needed it most).

This warms my heart and I wish Rehan the best and success in his studies at Harvard Law.

[Read More of Rehan’s story here]

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