My Favourite Type of “Safe” Stock Investments

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Favourite safe stock investments

Over the last few years, I put aside a small portion of my savings to dabble in stock investments. But before I get into this, some backstory:

When I was younger, I had put money in mutual funds (a.k.a unit trusts) but never really found that asset class to perform particularly well. Not to mention the lack of accountability in that industry, the fact that fund managers aren’t compensated based upon performance and return, they just collect fees whether they lose money or not on their investment management with MY (our) money.

That didn’t really agree with me too well.

So, I decided to take control of my investment portfolio.

But I didn’t know where to start.

My risk profile is I’m not very tolerant of high risk investments, I’m not very aggressive.

But I know leaving my money in a savings account with low to zero interest also means I’m “losing” money on a daily basis due to inflation.

So, what’s the answer?

Enter Dividend-paying stocks.

I know, nothing sexy or mind-blowing.

But it makes sense, but selecting dividend-paying stocks had to fit the below criteria for me:

  • Must have a history of paying out regular dividends
  • Must be a stable company with long-term prospects (not something trendy)
  • Must have a relatively steady growth trend

So, now it’s just a matter which dividend-paying stocks to select for my portfolio?

There are literally hundreds of financial/investing newsletters on the market, so it was just a matter of selecting the newsletters that had an investment philosophy I agreed with.

Here are some of my favourite sources for Dividend-paying stocks*:

Also, if you don’t have one already, you’ll need a stock broking account to buy and sell these dividend-stocks. eToro is a popular international low-cost online brokerage.

*These are just some of my suggestions, as in everything that has to do with money (especially YOUR money), do your own due diligence and research, there are NO such things as a guaranteed investment, make your OWN informed decisions. Don’t go blaming others if you don’t do your own research before making decisions.

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