The Brain Buddha Manifesto is in four parts. If you want to get an idea of what my mission is, this is the place to start! Hope you join me on this journey.

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Part 3: We are the sum of the people who surround us

Mark recently graduated from University and was fortunate enough to get a decent job offer.

Mark has other related experience that made him more valuable than the other job candidates, so he was considering whether he should ask for a higher salary (an additional $2,500 per year to be exact). 

He asked his best friend and older brother for advice, here’s what they said:

Friend: “I don’t think you should ask for more. They [the employer] may think you’re being too greedy. You should just take what they’re offering. You’re lucky to even get a job offer in the current economic environment.”

Older Brother: “Absolutely ask for it! Here’s why: 1) You have valuable experience in the areas they need that other fresh grads don’t have 2) This is just their opening offer – The opening offer is NEVER the best offer in ANY negotiation 3) What’s the worst that can happen? They already sent you an official offer letter with the stated salary, they just say ‘No’ to your request and you end up where you would have been with the original offer…BUT…if they say ‘Yes’, you make more for just a few seconds of work.”

Want to venture a guess as to what the result was?




Mark got the higher salary he requested.

The employer didn’t even have to think too hard about it either.

If he had listened to his “Friend” he would have accepted the first offer due to a belief that he doesn’t “deserve” the higher figure and he just be happy with what he gets.

Versus his older brother understood the value his younger brother brought to the job and believed in his value and abilities.

Earned an Additional $2,500 per Year for Just a Few Seconds “Work”

How much “work” did it take Mark to get that extra $2,500/year?

Just a few seconds (maybe minutes) to call and make the request.

How much “work” would he have had to put in to earn that additional $2,500?

The People Who Surround You Make a Difference

As I get older, I realized how much influence – both consciously and sub-consciously – the people I surround myself with have such a massive effect on my well-being.

As harsh as it sounds, I started filtering my inner circle – both personal and work/business – only with people who exuded positive energy and thoughts instead of those who were a drain and/or were a negative influence.

If you want to know the differences between someone who is wealthy and someone who constantly doesn’t have enough money, click on the button to continue reading.

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