Turning Poison into Medicine

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Turning Poison into Medicine

My New Year’s day started off with a frantic phone call from my mother telling me she thought my Dad suffered a stroke (she already called the ambulance and waited for them to arrive when she called me).

I quickly dressed and drove over to my parent’s place, the ambulance had just picked up my Dad but told my mother to head to hospital separately, luckily I was there to take her.

The hospital staff were great and we were fortunate to get him looked at quickly.

Luckily, they ruled out a stroke but he did end up testing positive for COVID.

He was fortunately discharged from the hospital that same day but he’s in isolation at home now.

He’s undergoing chemotherapy for his cancer, so he is immunocompromised. 

While he’s fully vaccinated, this probably led to him slightly blacking out and falling due to COVID.

My mother is the worrying type and she started lamenting about how this is such a bad start to the new year.

I quickly responded, “Mom, it is what it is. We should be grateful it was not a stroke and he is fully vaccinated, so he’s not in too much discomfort right now.”

My wife is a Sokka Goki Buddhist, and they have a saying: “Turning poison into medicine.” I love that philosophy. Find the good things out of a bad situation.

January 1st was a bad day for us, but that doesn’t mean our entire year is going to be bad.

So, if you started the new year’s day with some bad luck, just know that it doesn’t mean your entire year is gone. You still have 364 days to make it a great year.


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The Best Time to Start a Side Hustle

Amazon is laying off 18,000 staff.

Meta (Facebook) is set to layoff 11,000.

Banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are laying off thousands as well.

The best time to have some kind of side hustle or side income that is independent of your main job salary is now.

Rather, the best time to set one up is when you DON’T need it (yet).

BTW, I’m working on our Investing Guide which I hope to have ready in 2023. Stay tuned.

*See Disclaimer


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BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

Unclog Those Sinuses

As I mentioned above, my Dad tested positive for COVID, four days later, I ended up testing positive as well.

I’ve been isolating for the past week and going through a range of symptoms.

One symptom is nasal congestion. To make things more comfortable, I followed a few tips:

  • Slept on a slight raised incline, this way gravity could help drain my sinuses while I slept and didn’t get that “stuffy” nose or difficulties breathing
  • I tried out these sinus draining massages (they worked!)


Don’t Forget to Give This

No matter what age you are, whether you realize it or not, you seek praise (at least you won’t turn it down right?).

If you have kids, your kids look to you for validation and approval.

If you’re at work, you’d want to know you’re doing a good job from your boss.

So, don’t forget to give this to those around you.


A Story Worth Telling

This past Xmas, we gave my parents a photobook of them and my son. (They adore their grandson.)

They loved it because they don’t always like scrolling through a phone to look at photos digitally, they still love something printed out.

Then I came across this ad in Facebook and thought this is a wonderful idea:

Working together with a loved one or friend to create their own memoir or life story, which is printed and bound into a nice book at the end of the process.


Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

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