This Boring Stock Is Outperforming Meta, Amazon and Google

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How to Defeat Limiting Beliefs

I often say:

“We are often our own worst enemy.”

A big reason for that is you might be battling your own self-limiting beliefs which is preventing you from achieving your potential.

Here’s how you can defeat your limiting beliefs.


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This Boring Stock Is Outperforming Meta, Amazon and Google

“This is proving to be a historically bad year for tech. 

Few saw it coming. If you bought Facebook stock in 2015, you’ve lost money. If you purchased shares of General Motors, IBM, or Chevron, you’ve made more money than Meta shareholders. 

Seven years of gains, erased in 10 months. Meta’s meltdown is shocking, but not singular. 

Google is down 40% this year, Amazon 45%, and Snap 80%. These losses are unprecedented in the Big Tech era.”

 – No Mercy/No Malice, by Prof. Galloway

The Money Buddha’s investment portfolio is filled with “boring” investments, but it’s been weathering this bull market quite well.

Case in point what Professor Galloway writes above in his most recent newsletter.

Of the big names Meta, Amazon and Google, Money Buddha’s portfolio had held Meta (Facebook) a few years back but sold at a profit as we didn’t see it as a good stock to hold onto.

Boy do we feel vindicated right now.

The Money Buddha’s portfolio also holds IBM which is outperforming Meta but may be too “boring” to be on many people’s radar.

Another stock in the portfolio that’s holding up? Apple.

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BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

How to Get Yourself to Exercise When Your Mind Doesn’t Want To

You probably have had this problem at one time or another, you know you need to exercise but sometimes your brain just doesn’t want to make that first move.

Then your brain says, “Tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Tomorrow rolls along and your brain uses the same argument.

Well, here’s a way to get yourself moving even if your brain doesn’t want you to move.


A Lack of Social Relationships Can Hurt You This Way

It seems that a lack of social relationships doesn’t just hurt your mental health, but could also hurt your finances like this.


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