The Insane Cost of Owning a Car

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You Can Shut Your Ears

Last night on the evening news, I saw a segment about a road rage incident which also turned into a racist attack in my town.

Growing up as a minority I know what it’s like to have racist names & insults hurled at me.

When I was younger, it would make my blood boil and make me feel Hulk-like rage.

Now that I’m older, I understand I can just shut my ears.


The Insane Cost of Owning a Car

I’m not a huge fan of driving. I have no interest in cars like a lot of buddies do.

It’s why I loved living in Asia and not having a need for a car. But now that I’m back in Canada, I had to go back to the insanity of car ownership.

When I purchased my most recent vehicle, I researched the type of car I would get by looking at total cost of ownership.

And it seems like I’m not the only one to consider this more when considering a vehicle.

This Youtuber delved into the insane cost of maintaining a vehicle [via the BrainPint].

I can’t wait for autonomous vehicles to become mainstream.

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BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

6 Natural Sleep Aids

When I was a bachelor living on a bachelor’s diet, it impacted my sleep in deep ways.

Even if I “slept” 7hrs the night before, I’d wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep at all.

I remember seeing the (Western) doctor and he just laughed and said, he had no idea what was wrong with me. 

He prescribed some sleeping pills and told me to see how it goes or maybe see a psychologist.

I ended up resolving my sleep issues by seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. It was my diet that caused the problems and it resolved my sleep problems in the end.

So, when it comes to sleep, it’s very likely tied to your diet and if you don’t want to become dependent on sleeping pills, here’s a few natural sleep aids to try.


How to Ease Physical Symptoms of Grief

Our family is a cat family. We love our cat furbabies.

Just today, we learned one of my sister-in-law’s cats (15 yrs old) just passed away from symptoms of diabetes.

I know she’s devastated. She’s had her for twelve years.

Grief doesn’t just manifests as sadness and depression, but physical symptoms will arise.

Here’s how to ease your physical grief.


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