How to Resolve Relationship Conflicts Without Causing More Hurt

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Find Your Third Place

As an Introvert, I love being at home.

Home is my primary sanctuary.

But sometimes even Introverts want to venture out or experience a change of scenery, and that’s why I love this concept of a “Third Place”.

A sanctuary that is not your home or work place, such as your favourite bookstore or coffee shop. [via Recommendo]


Here’s What Builds Wealth

“Saving money doesn’t build wealth. Investing builds wealth.”

from the Money Buddha’s upcoming Savvy Investing Guide for Beginners.

*** Heads up from the Money Buddha: I’m working on some tutorials for earning extra side-income (the non-fluffy, non-scammy kind – also, how to filter out the garbage from the legit). 

Stay tuned.

*See Disclaimer

BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

Try This for Sleep Apnea

My Dad suffers from Sleep Apnea, he has an oxygen machine, but he hardly uses it since he finds the mask to be uncomfortable while he sleeps.

I also suspect my wife and I also suffer from Sleep Apnea, so I started looking into what to do about it.

Apparently, doing this can help.

Try these exercises for alleviating sleep apnea.


How to Resolve Relationship Conflicts Without Causing More Hurt

Arguments and disagreements are inevitable in a relationship.

But sometimes it’s easy to let a frivolous argument get out of hand and completely derail a relationship.

Here’s how to resolve conflicts in your relationships without it going over a cliff.


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