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How to Build Your Confidence – The Brain Buddha

How to Build Your Confidence

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How to Build Your Confidence

Growing up as an extremely shy and introverted child, it had a huge effect on my self-confidence.

I wished I was more confident when I was younger, here’s some advice on building your confidence and sparking it in others.


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Remember This During Bear Markets

Anybody that started investing in 2022, might feel like investing is not for them.

But I can tell you, fear is the enemy of investing.

Remember this about the markets:

The S&P 500 usually takes around three years to fully recover, but it has done it in as little as four months.

BTW, I’m working on our Investing Guide which I hope to have ready in 2023. Stay tuned.

*See Disclaimer


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BODY BUDDHA ????????‍♀️

When I Feel Dizzy & My Head Wants to Explode

It’s Winter and I noticed many people not wearing hats or hoods to keep your heads warm.

I have to wear my toque (or beanie) AND a windproof hood to keep my head warm.

I wouldn’t wear a hat when I was young and often got headaches and felt dizzy during colder weather.

I found out from my Chinese medical practitioner, the headaches and dizziness could be caused by the cold “wind” to your head.

So, now I keep my head warm with a toque AND a windproof hood.

I also drink some boiled ginger water (with some honey) to help dispel the “cold wind” from my head and body. Just don’t go overboard with this drink (everything in moderation), otherwise drinking TOO much gives me a sore throat.


The Keys to Lasting Friendships

As an Introvert, I value small and closer friendships over large quantity of superficial friendships.

If you value closer and long-lasting friendships, here’s five keys to finding & building long-last friendships.


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