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  • Brain Buddha: Life is not a zero-sum game…
  • Body Buddha: Tight hips? Here’s what to do…
  • Money Buddha: Got extra cash to invest? Don’t make this mistake…
  • Relationship Buddha: Are you a parent working at home? Don’t forget this…
  •  Brain Visual of the Week


Life is not a zero-sum game. When you’re constantly comparing your life, your career, where you are in life, etc to others…you’ll always feel inadequate or feel like a failure…but it’s not true.

Just because someone wins, doesn’t mean you lose. Vice versa.

You can be good at life.

Want to focus better?

My favourite brain focus app is Brain.fm.


Working at home now? You’re probably sitting a lot.

Meaning your hip flexors will start to feel tight (I know mine are!).

Here’s a simple move to help releive tension in your hip flexors:

Hip flexors limiting your movement?

Checkout this full guide on how to unlock your tight hip flexors.


If you’re a parent working at home and your kids are at home due to school closures, it’s easy to get frustrated and testy with them everytime they interrupt you while working.

I try to remind myself, they grow up fast…they won’t always want my attention and to cherish this time now when they want to have my attention.

Home schooling your kids?

Help your kid(s) get a headstart on reading.


With many people at home and some receiving government aid, many are turning into “day-traders”.

But, savvy investors know when the crowd is investing (and what they’re investing in) is the signal to stay on the sidelines and avoid the picks they’re buying.

Just like real estate, you make money investing in stocks when you buy at the right price.

My favourite investments are dividend-paying stocks…

…the trick is know which ones are good buys. This tells you.


Source: Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

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