Are You an Ugly Duckling?

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Let’s face it, kids may be cruel.

Growing up you always have the “cool” kids group, “average” kids group and the “geeky/nerdy” kids group.

I fell in the “geeky/nerdy” group growing up.

However, I want you all you “ugly ducklings” out there in the “geeky/nerdy” group to know something, you’re not alone and you won’t always be.

I like to think of it as being a late bloomer.

This recent article in the DailyMail (my favourite guilty pleasure reading…) reminds us all that just because you’re an ugly duckling when you’re a kid doesn’t mean that that is the life you are destined for when you grow up.

So, all you ugly ducklings out there, hold your head high and stop looking at your feet. You WILL become something.

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